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Gift Aid Questions

Some questions which you may have are :-

I already have a gift aid certificate. What should I do?
Print off and sign the Declaration Form and return it to the Gift Aid Secretary. It will replace your current gift aid certificate.

I donít have a gift aid certificate but I am a taxpayer. What should I do?
Sign the Declaration Form and return it to the Gift Aid Secretary.

If I sign a form do I need to change the way I make my givings?
So long as you currently make your givings by standing order or cheque you will not need to change your method of giving. If you currently give by putting money in the offertory bag then you will need to adopt one of the other methods. This is purely so we will be able to identify your givings to reclaim the tax.

Can myself and my wife/husband sign the same form?
No, the form can only be signed by one individual.

Will I be committed to a certain level of giving if I sign the form?

Do I need to do anything once I have signed the form?

Will I need to sign a tax form?

What happens if I stop paying tax?
Just let the Gift Aid Secretary know and he will stop reclaiming tax on your contributions.

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