Great Amwell with St. Margaret's and Stanstead Abbots Benefice
What is Gift Aid, and do I qualify?

Gift Aid allows the Church, as a registered Charity, to recover the tax paid by donors on freely-given contributions. gift Aid currently increases the value of these payments by 2.82 for every 10, without any additional cost to the donor. The only qualification is that contributors are paying UK Income or Capital Gains Tax, and have paid the Inland Revenue an amount equal to - or greater than - the sum being recovered by the Church.

If you are still unsure please do not hesitate to contact Derek Kitteringham personally or on 01992 413326.

What's on Today
. • Holy Communion (St. Andrews)
• Sung Eucharist (St. John the Baptist)
• Holy Communion (St. Andrews)
• Holy Communion (St. Margarets)
• Messy Church in Wilshere hall
What's on Tomorrow
. • Morning Prayer (St. Andrews)
• Stanstead Abbots PCC in Wilshere Hall
• Bible Study Group at 342 Stanstead Road