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Gift Aid Explained

In summary, from 6th April 2000 the 250 minimum for Gift Aid donations was abolished, so that the scheme now applies to any donation, large or small, regular or one-off. Tax recoveries by charities under deeds of gift aid certificate also fall under this revised Gift Aid scheme.

The paperwork has also changed, in that gift aid certificate forms are no longer required and a Gift Aid certificate is no longer required with each gift. There is now a new, simpler and more flexible Gift Aid Declaration. The requirement that a donor pays basic rate income tax is also removed - donors simply have to pay income tax or capital gains tax at any rate, equal to the tax deducted from their donations.

All we need is a single Gift Aid declaration from each supporter who pays tax. That single declaration form will cover any number of donations, of any size, at any time in the future - we just need to have the form on our file when we receive a gift from you, and we can immediately reclaim the tax.

A copy of the declaration form can be found here. We ask that you print it off, complete the details and send it to us, regardless of whether you have an existing gift aid certificate. The only people who should not return the form are those who pay no tax, or always give through a scheme, such as CAF, where tax has already been reclaimed.

The form is not a promise to give, but it allows us to increase the value of anything you do give us in the future. Remember, a gift of 10, covered by a declaration, is worth 12.82.

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