Great Amwell with St. Margaret's and Stanstead Abbots Benefice

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Please do get in touch with us if there is any further information you would like, or anything you would like the clergy or the churches to include in our prayers.

For enquiries please either contact the Benefice Office on 07434 631945 / 01920 870115 leaving a message or email: [email protected] or you may contact the Church Wardens for the church concerned:

St, Andrew's Church
Mrs Janet Dance - [email protected] or 01920 871262

Mrs Marilyn Britton - [email protected] or 01920 870188

St. Margaret's Church
Mrs Lyn Paddon - [email protected] or 01920 487717

St. John the Baptist Church
Mr Richard Mellor and Mrs Margaret Mellor - [email protected] or [email protected] or 01920 460474

You may also contact us using the form below:
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